We are offering a variety of different forms of advertising in the point of sale. Exposition pieces draw attention of clients influencing his purchase decision. We work using many different materials and technologies.


We are offering a service from project and 3D visualization through prototyping down to mass production, transport and installation in location.


Additionally using new technologies can peak interest of consumers and encourage to purchase your product. Possibility of placing interactive offer, advertisement or instructional video rises marketing value of a product.



We have a wide offer of floor displays, stands, shop isles and more. With its interesting form our displays will draw attention of the client, encouraging to buy and enable to present the product properly while delivering information about the brand.


Shop exposition is a perfect presentation method which gives the possibility if giving a lot of advertising information.



Here you can find a wide selection of our proposed solutions such as stands, displays and feeders. Placed on a shop counter they are an effective support for impulse purchase.


Shelf trays, strips or separating pieces are just some of the propositions for interesting presentation of the product, which has a big influence on the attention of customers.

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