Over 25 years of experience

For over 25 years, we have been providing you with essential business tools, which enable you to express high quality hair color performance - hair color charts.

Welcome to our fascinating world of Kolor

Marc Kolor produces advertising supplies for the cosmetics industry. For over 25 years, we have been supplying brands with essential tools such as high-quality hair color charts and hair color boards to demonstrate the performance of their products. We also develop and create highly customized POS products like banners, clips, multimedia stands, hangers, and floor displays to make your brand stand out.

We maintain a high level of involvement to assist you in achieving your vision and project goals. With the help of our advanced, all in-house production methods, professional graphic studio and multi-expertise team, we consistently create products of the highest quality with that special, creative touch.

Kolor is the key is an essence of our common goal – to create every fiber tone focused on what you need to show the most authentic color expression and to impress your Clients

Our company embraces current eco trends and we incorporate them with our products in creative ways. We work with eco-friendly papers (sugarcane and craft papers). We can use FSC logo, both on the graphic artwork and for the cardboard. We can also print with herbal ink and put eco foil lamination, using special printing waxes.


Let us surprise you with more of our ideas!

Our history

When dreams came true-Inauguration of the company
A new chapter – Plastic division
We are solid – ISO:9001 CERTIFICATION
We aim higher! - Production record : 4000 color charts per day.
We expand – Opata’s Park 6500m2
We feel assured! – New hair fiber production line -the heart of our business.
We innovate and enhance!- New investments (Printer 3D and cutting plotter machine)
We mark milestones -20th anniversary
We take on new challenges – POS floor displays
We embrace automation - Automatic assembly
Our sky has no limits – Production in Santiago, Chile.
We don’t stop – We scale up production ( over 32 millions of hair swatches per year)
We celebrate! – 25th anniversary
New additional innovation- plastic packaging


The Perfection and simplicity of SOLE.

We are very proud to present you our SOLE color chart.

The first installment of Marc Kolor’s Character’s line. SOLE it’s a light; so significant when it takes our high-advanced color matching process.

SOLE also features our detachable hair swatch clips, which provide an interactive and satisfying experience while using the color chart.

Pick and choose! Experiment with form, presentation, and endless options offered by highly customizable professional hair color promotional tools.

Touch the sole


Every color chart we create is the result of the finest hair color expressions, unique formula development, infinite shades library, highly experienced team, and state-of-the-art graphic studio. But most importantly, our color charts are a result of the ARTISTRY we bring to the creative process for every product.

Our colour matching methods allow you to achieve the exact nuance reference for your hair color products and make your color chart an exceptional tool. Smart, elegant design combined with eye-catching hair swatch presentation is a significant part of our ARTISTRY.

So Blend and coiffer


FUN! Reflections

We believe our color charts are a smart combination of technique and fun. We always look for innovative solutions and creative ways of improving shade performance. Easy to use, and presenting over 100 hair colors in one compact chart, the magnetic detachable paper inserts work to create a product you will love working and playing with! Welcome to our fascinating world of colors and inspirational thoughts.

Have Fun!



UNIQUE inspirations

We are proud to present you entirely new way of color charts performance. An artistic union of image, style and functionality.

Original and adaptable form allows to easily update with the new hair colors.

Perfectly finished , detachable wefts made from sumo solid carboard are unique and very applicable solution and make your brand eye-catching.

We add a lot of personal touch to every project we develop and we hope to be your unique influence.



We are pleased to present you the star of our lineup: professional color board: a premium and glamourous tool to display at the Hairdressers Salons.

Modern technology, high-tech plastics and silkscreen division helped us to design and create a solid, long-lasting, luxury product with perfect shade spectacle.

Touch with us deluxe expressions of the hair shades and be splendid!

be splendid!



We are very happy to present you Harmony colour chart, a perfect fusion of of green philosophy. This is an illustration of eco friendly materials and techniques, we incorporate with our products in creative ways.

We work with sugarcane and craft paper with FSC certification. We can print with qualified herbal ink and put eco lamination, using special printing waxes.

Our Bio thinking is complex. Plastic, detachable clips we present are 100% recycled and can be made from bio components like e.g corn.

Green is the kolor which is the key, which really matters so let us charm you with our pure performace.



Our company grows and time goes by. Each year means new challenges, but also new technology and know-how. Our experience allows us to experiment, innovate and create on the fly.

Our calendar is a great example of that. Made with ecology in mind, sugar cane paper, 100% reused plastic, wooden window with reduced amount of magnets, it is not only responsible for keeping track of time, but also a reminder of our specialty – innovative ideas.


Our portfolio is full of products accustomed to different needs. Essence our activity is color charts, from the simplest exspositors, or 2-page charts, to 4-page charts and binders. In our most popular projects you will also find fan selectors, plastic fronts and trays, displays with plastic clips and many more. Having at our disposal a graphic design studio with experienced professionals, we always try to offer our clients a range of possibilities and custom made projects. For each project we prepare proper hair colors, mock-up and print proof to always be able to propose the best version of the product to the client, ensuring compliance with customer expectations at every stage of the process.


We offer a wide range of services in each of the key departments in production of our products. Warehouse cavilities, large maneuvering area, which allows easy and safe loading, experienced team working on a big production area allows for professional handling of projects in the field of:

  • assembly
  • riveting
  • hot gluing
  • sorting
  • preparation of adertising displays

Highest quality of print, hotstamping, UV laquer, ecological paper, automatic and manual assembly of complicated products, personalized packaging… are all commonly used techniques in our creations. We draw inspiration from innovative solutions and always try to visualize ideas that come to our head.


Stargin in 2011 we produce synthetic fiber using polyamid PA6. We have capabilities to dye our fiber in situ, of variety of different fibers, which lets us get any and all colors that match our clients needs. We offer possibilities of running trials on our production line from own material or passed to us by a client. Our coloristics department is made up of experienced colorists, who are very good in catching all the little nuances between colors, which allows us to recreate every color based on received references. Color matches which we prepare for Your convenience, is prepare in form it will be in your final product (strand, curl or other variants) for you to judge how the color made from different fibers behaves, we offer the same color in matt, shine and wavy, or mix of all those types.


Our department of plastics and material shaping offers services of cutting, milling using high precision industrial ploter HIGH SPEED MACHINING BPF 2131 and KIMLA, which allow us to create products from plastic/aluminium or other materials commonly used in advertising, cosmetics and other industries. From 2002 we are printing in multiple colors (CMYK+1) on shapes like ovals, rounds, rectangles, made out of plastics, glass and other materials.

We procure plastic injection services on our own and entrusted molds. We design and build molds and offer maintenance of old ones, along with trials and continuous production. We offer milling, stamping, grinding, drilling. CNC Plotter steered with a computer allows for a precise treatment of all materials (plastic, wood, metal and others).

We give shape to Your ideas!


Each product begins from a good graphic design. We have our own graphic design studio, which adapts materials delivered by clients and aids with preparing ne ones. We have professional hardware Mac Pros from Apple with full Adobe software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro_ and Strata 3D. We are preparing template print (proof) on Epson SureColor P9500 printer. Each project can be send in 3D format, mock-up or an object made from PCV.

  • Designing charts
  • Preparing the dye-cuts
  • Modifying base projects
  • Adapting clients dye-cut to out production set-up
  • Proof printing
  • Mock-up preparation
  • Project development before production.