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Marc Kolor is a promotional products maker for the cosmetic industry.


Its first goal is to help hair color brands to stand out in POS and at hairdressing salons.


For over 20 years we provide you essential business tools, which enable you to express high quality hair color performance - Hair color charts. We also focus on the higly customized POS creations, which make your brand unforgettable.


We know how important quality is.


Trained in specific, effective methods we assist you to achieve your vision and project goals. Combining advanced all-in-house production, professional graphic studio and multi-expertise team we are able to create ultimate quality products


Marc Kolor focuses on the most valuable feature every hair color brand needs to achieve when developing a catalog: the color.


We also give a lot of attention to the eye-catching product presentation in a very creative way.


“We are the Kolor” is an essence of our common goal to develop every fiber tone focused on what you need, to offer you the most authentic color expression.


Raising interest of our clients in various POS solutions, made us launch another branch of our company.

Our original solutions for POS as displays, hangers, multimedia stands can help to promote your brand infinitely.

To find out about how we work, read our guide or simply contact us.





Our front-to-end production technologies grant us total autonomy, direct quality control, quick turnaround and infinite possibilities to always be original.



Marc Kolor products can be found in over 70 countries all around the world.

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